5 Qualities of a Great Redmond Realtor

Amanda Johnson  |  February 14, 2023


5 Qualities of a Great Redmond Realtor

Are you considering buying or selling a home in Redmond, Oregon? Do you want to work with a realtor but are unsure what to look for? Since the real estate market can be complicated with many twists and turns, it can help to work with a guide who knows the layout. After all, there is a reason why 86% of people have used a realtor to buy or sell a home. It is because working with a great realtor allows you to navigate this extraordinarily complex landscape more easily. Read on for five qualities that any excellent Redmond realtor should have!

1. Knowledge of the Redmond real estate market

The first essential quality any realtor should have is extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. Whether you wish to buy or sell your home, you need to know how the market is doing. For sellers, knowing the condition of the market can help determine the most suitable time to list a home. In addition, knowing the market's condition can help determine pricing to entice as many buyers as possible to make an offer quickly. For example, Redmond is currently experiencing a seller’s market, characterized by rising prices and tight inventory. In addition, many Redmond homes are selling in fifty-two days, as of January 2023. The median price for all types of homes in Redmond as of January 2023 is $1,189,676, which is a 16.4% increase year-to-date. This indicates that the current market favors sellers more, making them more likely to get top dollar on their Redmond homes. As for buyers, they might need to develop an innovative strategy to make their offer stand out in a competitive environment.

2. Creative problem solver

Since the real estate market can be challenging, it can help to work with a realtor who can find a creative solution to any real estate problem. For example, you are trying to sell your Redmond home, which has remained on the market for longer than you would like. You need a realtor that can determine why it is not selling and then take the necessary steps to fix the problem. Some creative solutions that your realtor might suggest would be to update your curb appeal, create 360-degree video home tours, or offer an incentive for buyers.
As for buyers who might not yet have located their perfect dream home within a designated allotted time, a real estate agent can use other avenues. For example, real estate agents can use their extensive network of connections to find homes, even those that might never have been listed. Furthermore, a real estate agent can review your must-haves list to help you decide what kind of home you envision for your lifestyle.

3. Compassionate and kind

Another important, though perhaps underrated, attribute is the real estate agent’s ability to be compassionate and kind. Even though buying or selling homes is a business, it is also an emotional process. That is why you need a realtor who genuinely wants to help you find your dream home or sell one. They will demonstrate their compassion and kindness by listening to you so that they know your goals. The real estate agent can help you navigate the highs and lows of the real estate process by cheering or commiserating with you. When a real estate agent is compassionate and kind toward you and the cause, they are that much more likely to be able to help you achieve your real estate dreams!

4. Determined and committed

Just as you want a real estate agent to be as emotionally vested in the cause as you are, you also want them to put in the required time commitment. It is important to remember that various real estate agents work on different time schedules, working full or part-time. Surveys have shown that less than half of all realtors work full-time. When interviewing a realtor, you should ask them how many hours a day and week they spend working. You can also ask them if they have any other clients. These two questions give you an excellent idea of how much time you can expect them to devote to your case. For example, a realtor who works full-time and has a few clients will likely be able to spend more time helping you buy or sell a home. A realtor who works part-time or full-time and has a lot of clients might not have enough time to dedicate themselves to perfecting your home or finding one for you. Find a determined and committed realtor who can help you buy or sell Redmond real estate!

5. Proven track record

One way to tell if a real estate agent has the skills and understanding to do the job is by looking at their track record. Consider asking the realtor the number of transactions they have handled and the dollar amount in sales. This can give you an idea of how successfully they handle multi-million dollar properties and other luxury homes. You could ask the real estate agent for references for a more detailed look beyond the numbers. These references could be from anyone the real estate agent has worked with, such as other clients, mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys, and even realtors. You can call these references and ask them pertinent questions, such as their experience working with the realtor and what they enjoyed the most about it. Besides references, you can also check the real estate agent’s website to see if real clients like you write any testimonials. If a client has left an excellent and glowing review, that can confirm that the real estate agent has the skills to exceed expectations in buying and selling homes. In addition, these testimonials might give you a lot of important information, from the real estate agent’s experience with marketing to negotiation tactics. By getting references and reading testimonials, you can gauge whether the realtor would be an excellent fit for you!
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