​​5 Things to Look for When Investing in Redmond Luxury Real Estate

Amanda Johnson  |  August 15, 2023


​​5 Things to Look for When Investing in Redmond Luxury Real Estate

The city of Redmond is a hidden gem situated in Central Oregon just north of Bend, Oregon’s art community. It is slightly more than 100 miles east of Portland, Salem, and Eugene, the state’s three largest cities. One of the sunniest and driest cities in Oregon, Redmond is home to prime luxury real estate, perfect for an investor looking to use their property as either a short-term or a long-term rental.

With a mix of geography, from homes located on the Deschutes River to those tucked into the towering mountains, this upscale city serves both tourists and residents seeking refuge from the big city and options for both outdoor adventures and access to arts, entertainment, and fine dining.

As a real estate investor, there are a few things to consider regarding what your renters might be looking for, and each one can make a huge difference in your occupancy and rental rates. Factors like house size, outdoor spaces, and the proximity of the property to activities and entertainment make these luxury homes more than worth the investment you make.

House size

Of course, the size of the house you choose will probably be the largest concern when looking at Redmond houses for sale. The city offers smaller, three- and four-bedroom homes on quiet, well-maintained streets that sit on large lots of land. Some come with amenities like pools, decks, balconies, and attics and basements that can be turned into game rooms or offices.

Larger six-bedroom homes are available and often have outbuildings, fencing for horses and other animals, and more. Redmond has newer homes with sleek, modern fixtures, flooring, magnificent windows, and grand houses overlooking mountains and valleys sitting on acres of land. These magnificent dwellings are nestled into the Crestridge community or perched on the Eagle Crest golf course and resort.

The size of the house you choose will depend largely on who you plan to rent to and which type of rental you aim for, whether short-term or long-term. Fortunately, Redmond real estate has a full range of options for you to choose from.

Outdoor spaces

Another factor closely related to house size is what types of outdoor spaces the house you’re investing in will come with. With more than 300 days of sun in this location, your renters will want a deck on which to stretch out with a morning coffee, a balcony to sit and sip wine, or a pool to jump into or lay by during the warm spring, summer, and even fall months. Redmond luxury homes generally offer most, if not all, of these amenities, and those that don’t are typically located on resorts or golf courses that have shared pools, tennis courts, and of course, golf courses for outdoor activity right outside of the back door.

Location and layout of living spaces

Many renters, both short- and long-term, take into consideration the location of the bedrooms in a home and the layout of the overall living spaces. For example, parents visiting or renting long-term with children will want the bedrooms closer together, so a larger home with bedrooms on separate floors might not be a great attraction. Whereas a home with bedrooms all located in one area of the house, even if it is quite large, would be the preferred choice.

Further, many short-term renters are seeking open floor plans, particularly in shared living spaces, so a home with a kitchen that flows into the living room might be ideal, as everyone in both rooms can still communicate and engage with each other. Long-term renters, like homeowners, are increasingly leaning toward a more closed floor plan as more people are working from home and feel the need to have some private space. Thus, it pays to know which type of renter you hope to attract before you decide which homes for sale in Redmond are right for your investment dollars.

Proximity to outdoor adventures

As a city that gets warm, bright sunny days in the summer and freezing cold, snowy days in the winter, Redmond is both a tourist destination and the dream location for residents seeking four full seasons each year. And those people want access to the adventures that each season brings.

When you think of what to look for in an investment property, you’ll want to consider the proximity to things like nearby ski lifts, like those at Mt. Bachelor. Or maybe the home will be near rafting on the Deschutes or hiking trails, like those at Smith Rock, one of Oregon’s seven wonders. If you plan to market your luxury investment home as an outdoor enthusiast’s getaway, it will be helpful to ensure your renters will have immediate, or at least relatively quick, access to those getaway spots.

Proximity to dining and shopping

On the other end of the spectrum, many renters, especially those on summer vacation or winter or spring break, want access to dining, shopping, and other entertainment. Redmond is a perfect city for those tourists as well. The quaint and lovely downtown district in Redmond offers a walkable shopping environment with small boutiques with upscale offerings like vintage guitars and leather goods.

Bend, just south of Redmond, is home to a thriving art community with more shopping options and a larger downtown district. Both cities are also rich with local fine dining restaurants, like Brickhouse Steakhouse, and small craft breweries, like Initiative Brewing, everything a renter could ask for.

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