A Complete Guide to Living in Bend

Amanda Johnson  |  August 24, 2023

A Complete Guide to Living in Bend

Nestled in the heart of Central Oregon, Bend is a vibrant town that harmoniously combines the comforts of a big city with the tranquil beauty of a small town. A cherished gem by those who call it home, Bend offers a quality of life that is as unique as its residents. Whether you're captivated by its scenic beauty, the multitude of recreational activities, or the allure of its thriving craft brew scene, there's a piece of Bend that resonates with everyone.

Living in Bend


High-quality educational opportunities

One of the prime considerations when moving to a new city is the quality of its schools, as education plays a key role in shaping future generations. Bend, OR, takes pride in its robust education system, which includes a mix of public, private, and charter schools to cater to a diverse set of needs.

Public schools in Bend are part of the Bend-La Pine Schools district, one of the largest school districts in Oregon. The district includes a number of highly rated schools, ranging from elementary to high schools. These schools are renowned for their commitment to academic excellence and co-curricular activities, providing students with a well-rounded education. Bend also has a selection of private schools that offer a variety of curriculum options, from Montessori methods to faith-based education. Furthermore, a number of charter schools offer parents more educational choices, bringing innovative teaching methods and unique learning environments to the city.

Higher education opportunities are also plentiful in Bend, with institutions like Central Oregon Community College and OSU-Cascades (a branch campus of Oregon State University) providing a range of degree programs.

Pleasant climate

Bend's climate is a delight for those who appreciate distinct seasons without harsh extremes. The city enjoys a temperate climate with mild summers and cold winters. Summers in Bend are comfortable, with average temperatures ranging from highs of 70-81°F, while winters can be chilly, with lows dipping between 20-44°F. Despite its latitude, the area remains relatively dry throughout most of the year, except during the winter months when some areas may experience heavy snow.

A vibrant dining scene

For foodies, there are many great Bend restaurants to enjoy. Whether you want international cuisine with all the flavor, Southern comfort food cooked to perfection, a laid-back dining experience, or a gastronomic adventure, Bend’s vast selection of restaurants has it all.

Rancher Butcher Chef

Rancher Butcher Chef is a unique dining destination where farm-to-table dining is at its finest. This steakhouse is perfect for those who appreciate well-prepared meats and fresh produce.

Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats

Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats provides a taste of Northern Thailand in the heart of Bend with its unique flavors and traditional dishes. It's a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Thai dining experience.

Chomp Chomp

Those craving authentic Japanese in a modern yet ultra-chic locale flock to Chomp Chomp, located on NW Bond Street in Bond. Enjoy a heaping portion of flavor-packed ramen inside the brightly-lit dining space, or head to the bar for a custom cocktail.

Boxwood Kitchen & Supper Club

Boxwood Kitchen & Supper Club specializes in comfort food with an international twist. This airy restaurant boasts a constantly evolving menu, and each visit promises to be a unique culinary experience.

Ample outdoor recreation

Bend, OR, is an outdoor enthusiasts' paradise. Nestled against the Deschutes River and surrounded by dense, lush forests and extravagant mountainscapes, those owning Bend real estate have an array of exciting outdoor activities at their fingertips. Mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, and exploring the area’s rivers and lakes via kayak, paddleboard, or canoe are popular pastimes for those seeking a quiet respite in Mother Nature.

Bend residents live in close proximity to the Central Cascades, a wide swath of wilderness home to mountains, alpine meadows, bubbling streams, and glistening lakes. The area teems with Oregon’s native flora and fauna, providing exciting opportunities for bird watchers and photographers. Camping is also available via permit.


Lots of wintry precipitation

Living in Bend means being subjected to a long winter with a lot of snow. You must be prepared to deal with snow, ice, and sleet if you’re considering a move here.

An isolated location

Bend may not be the best option if you like the fast pace of city life. Big-city amenities like stadiums, award-winning museums, and other popular attractions may be harder to find here. Access to metropolitan cities such as Portland requires a three-hour commute in good traffic conditions.

A higher cost of living

Bend’s cost of living has increased over the past couple of years, with median prices for single-family homes rising year-over-year. When determining whether a move to Bend is a sound financial decision, be sure to look at gas, grocery, dining, and utility prices.

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