Top Reasons to Sell Your Bend Home Today

Amanda Johnson  |  October 25, 2022


Top Reasons to Sell Your Bend Home Today

Bend, Oregon is a charming town with numerous outdoor activities that range from skiing, hiking, snow surfing, and opportunities for bungee jumping and helicopter rides, making it the perfect location for the adventurous nature enthusiast. But outside of nature enthusiasts, Bend has a lot to offer its residents and those hoping to own a home in the area. This is why there has never been a better time than now to sell your Bend real estate. With so many families and individuals searching for their perfect home and Bend offering so many outdoor recreational activities, Bend homes for sale are not staying on the market for very long. This means you can not only sell your home quickly but also for top dollar.

It’s a seller’s market

Right now, it’s a seller's market, making it the perfect time to sell your home. But what does a seller’s market mean? It means that most Bend real estate is on the market for a short period of time as a result of the demand for housing. It also means that as a seller, you are more likely to receive more offers for your home and have greater negotiating power when it comes to selling your home.

And with so many home buyers flooding the market, most are seeking out Bend homes for sale that are move-in ready or in good condition, meaning you are almost guaranteed to be able to sell your home without having to spend too much money on improvements and enhancements. And while you should get an inspection completed before selling your home to ensure the buyer is aware of any repairs or damages that may need to be fixed, it won’t necessarily delay your ability to sell your home as long as you ensure that you do get it inspected.

Low interest rates

While interest rates aren’t expected to remain low, these current low rates only add to the reasons why you should sell your Bend home today. Lowered interest rates means that mortgages are more affordable, allowing you to be able to price your Bend real estate for a profit. And with so many buyers utilizing this time to snag the perfect home while rates are so low, it also means that when you are provided an offer, it may be more than your original asking price. As so many Bend homes for sale are selling over their current asking price, your home is almost guaranteed to do the same.

Plus, as an added benefit, selling your Bend home now means that you can also purchase your dream home with these same lower interest rates. So, not only will you be able to make a potential profit off of your current Bend real estate, but in the process, you can also obtain the home of your dreams.

People want to move to Bend

Whether you have spent your whole life in Bend or have only lived in the area for a few years, Bend greatly appeals to many people. And if you are unsure of this, just look at some of the buyers vying for Bend homes for sale. 

Bend is considered a great ski town and the perfect place for those that love the outdoors. And with all the recreational activities that the town holds throught the year, it is also the perfect place to raise a family. The very things that help to make Bend a great place to visit are the same exact reasons why so many are interested in owning Bend real estate.

You can sell for top dollar

One of the biggest concerns a home seller may have is how to ensure they get what their home is worth once they sell it. As stated before, due to the current seller’s market, this doesn’t need to be a concern. With so many individuals wanting to purchase Bend homes for sale, your home is almost guaranteed to sell at its asking price or even more. And if you are concerned about whether or not any renovations you made will truly help increase the value of your property, don’t be.

With homes being sold so quickly, it can feel intimidating, especially if you’ve done some home renovations. The last thing you want to do is price your home too low and end up having to sell your home without making a profit. On the other hand, you don’t want to price it too high and have your home be one of the few homes that continue to remain on the market. While pricing your home can be a juggling act that can cause you to reconsider whether now is the right time to sell or not, there are resources and individuals available to help you.

When it comes to pricing your home correctly, it is always a good idea to look at the other homes for sale in the area. Comparing your home to other Bend homes for sale will not only show you how these homes are being priced, but also what renovations might have been completed and how the pricing of the home may have changed as a result of it. But if you would prefer a professional’s assistance, you can always reach out to a Bend realtor. Not only do they know the area and are helping other homeowners sell and buy homes, but they’ll be able to help you assess the right price to sell your home to guarantee you a sale and that your home is sold for top dollar.

Regardless of the decision you make, you don’t want to wait too long before selling your home, as this can result in you ending up in a buyer’s market or potentially not being able to sell your home for as much due to increased interest rates.

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